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Adam Audio’s first studio headphones are designed to replicate a high-quality stereo monitoring system

Adam Audio has rarely put a foot wrong in the monitor speaker market, and now it’s bringing its expertise to the world of studio headphones. The Studio Pro SP-5s are the company’s first cans, and they’re designed to deliver a precise and accurate representation of how your music sounds.

The SP-5s have a closed-back design and a frequency response of 8Hz to 38kHz. They utilise Ultrasone’s S-LOGIC technology; this employs spatially-arranged transducers that are designed to  create the realistic spatial imaging you’d associate with a high-quality stereo monitoring system. The result, we’re told, is that it’s easier to mix with the SP-5s than it is using standard headphones that simply point directly at the ear canal.

These headphones are also said to require less SPL to deliver the same subjectively experienced volume, which means fewer distortion artefacts and less likelihood of listening fatigue. The hope is that this will make them more comfortable during long mixing sessions.

The Studio Pro SP-5s are available now priced at $499/£499/€549. Find out more on the Adam Audio website.