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Ableton Live 11 beta: a closer look at the new comping and take recording feature

Ableton Live 11 has been unveiled, but it's currently in beta. We've had our funky mitts over it for a while and in the trusty hands of Adam, can show you some of the new features up close. 

In this first video, Adam takes a look at the comping and take recording function. Something that many have been calling for some time now and could be seen as the final link in the chain when compared with other DAWs, such as Cubase.

Live 11 can organise multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes. You can then blend the best elements of these takes to get your ‘perfect’ result. Relatedly, there’s also Linked-track editing, which, as it implies, enables you to link two or more tracks and edit their content simultaneously.

Ableton Live 11 won't actually hit the shelves until next year. However, all versions of Live 10 are currently available at a 20% discount. Customers who buy Live 10 during this time will also get a free copy of Live 11 when it’s released in early 2021.