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Video lesson: the best way to position your right hand


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I see several top players that have a right hand position for every picking technique: one for alternate picking, another for sweep picking and a third for everything else. This gives them several disadvantages but the most severe is the inability to shift from one technique to another rapidly.

Though there are no wrong or right ways to position your right hand for picking, there are some things that seem to work more often than not. 

Here's what I consider to be the best way of positioning your right hand for almost all purposes:

(Image credit: Guitar Mastery)

Place the pisiform bone of your right hand, at the top of the bridge, right where the low e-string meets the bridge, and have it stay there.

1. Find the bone in your hand

2. Place it where the low e-string meets the bridge

3. Leave it there while picking the top two strings

Then be sure to move your hand while the bone remains in close contact with that same spot.