Can you play the 'old-school' C Chord? Here's how, in less than a minute


♬ original sound - JustinGuitar

TikTok's not all dancing unicorns and karaoke wannabes. Far from it, of course - it's absolutely rammed with quick, simple tricks for everything from synth patching to, yes, guitar basics. 

Case in point: Here, renowned online guitar tutor JustinGuitar cuts to the chase with this no-nonsense, typically crystal clear demo of how to play an old school C chord, which is a 'traditional' variant on the regular C chord, with a G bass, also known as a C/G, yielding a fatter, fuller sound.

When starting your guitar journey, the C chord is one of the most challenging, so whether you're polishing this variant or just getting to grips with the basic one, we'd suggest practicing in short bursts at first, while your fingers get up to speed.

Will Groves

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