Shred film to be released

Shredder extraordinaires Michael Angelo Batio (N.I.T.R.O.), Joe Stump (Reign Of Terror, Holyhell) and Rusty Cooley (Outworld) are among the guitarists that are featured in Troy Grady's upcoming film Introducing Cracking the Code, which is described as "a documentary of shred technique."

According to Grady, "Cracking the Code" is "not simply a compendium of performance footage. Nor is it a collection of licks demonstrated by masters. It is a unique mechanical investigation that uses slow-motion video to answer the question of how shred technique actually works. The principal tool in this investigation is the ShredCam, a guitar-mounted, high-speed camera that lets us perform up-close analysis of technique. The ShredCam captures hand movements at frame rates several times that of standard broadcast video, and the ShredCam software slows the footage down for further scrutiny."

Michael Angelo Batio adds: "Troy was great to work with. I was very happy to be a part of this movie. Troy is also a great guitar player. His interview style was very professional as well. He knew exactly what he wanted to ask me using specific riffs and solo passages, etc."

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