Polls apart

Following on from such hotly-contested categories as Sexy Moments and Tearjerkers, last night saw Channel Four air the latest in its '100 Greatest' series, this time focusing on the best albums of all time. As you might expect, guitar-based music dominated the chart, which was compiled by 'music industry experts' and voted for by the public.

Radiohead's 1997 opus OK Computer topped the list, but the subjective nature of these things inevitably made sitting through the full run-down a somewhat perplexing experience. For example, is Madonna's Like A Prayer really more deserving than The Beatles' Revolver of a place in the top ten? Is Duran Duran's Rio honestly 48 places better than What's Going On by Marvin Gaye?! Click here to scowl at the full list.

To find out what Guitarist readers voted the greatest guitar albums of all time, check out the next issue of the mag, on sale on 23 November.

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