Parlophone introduces new online demo system

EMI Music UK´s Parlophone has become the first major record label to introduce an online system for accepting demos from unsigned artists.

The label´s system allows the mp3s and promo pics of aspiring artists to be streamed direct to the A&R team, allowing the team´s frontline to review and rate artists. Tracks of interest are automatically passed to the more senior members of the team; and artists submitting their work are automatically informed once their demo has been reviewed.

Artists wishing to submit their demos to the company are now being directed to submit them through the system, and in a matter of months, all demos will have to be submitted this way.

Sounds great, but does this mean the halcyon days of using your company´s photocopier and CD-Rs to make ‘charming´ handmade demos are over forever? Or will record companies still be flooded with sackloads of CDs, and be spammed with inbox-clogging mp3s? Click here to find out more.