NAMM 2007 Highlights: Line 6

Line 6 highlights at NAMM ´07 so far include a couple of tasty bits of stompbox hardware and what could prove to be the modelling plug-in to end all plug-ins. Previously available bundled only with hardware, GearBox has now evolved into version 3.1 and is an RTAS, AU and VST plug-in solution for computer recording packages that features numerous guitar and bass amplifier models, microphone preamps and stompbox and studio effects. There´s no excuse for sounding rubbish anymore. GearBox is available in Silver or Gold configurations, with the Gold version benefiting from numerous extra models. Out of the studio and onto stage, the Floor POD Plus and Bass Floor Pod provide gigging six and four stringers with the power of modelling technology at their feet. Log on to for soundbites and detailed info.

Chris Vinnicombe worked with us here on the MusicRadar team from the site's initial launch way back in 2007, and also contributed to Guitarist magazine as Features Editor until 2014, as well as Total Guitar magazine, amongst others. These days he can be found at Gibson Guitars, where he is editor-in-chief.