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We celebrate the ES-335's 50th Anniversary
The history, the players, and how to buy an old and new example of Gibson's rock 'n' roll warhorse: the 335. PLUS The Gibson 2008 '58 ES-335 Anniversary model reviewed inside

Kaki King
Todd Rundgren
Taj Mahal
Simon McBride
Boz Boorer

The best gear first
Gibson 2008 '58 ES-335
We get our hands on the ultimate 335. Don't miss an exclusive video demo and some alternatives to beg, borrow or steal

PRS McCarty II & Starla
Two brand new US electrics that offer something old and something new

Spear RT-ST, RD-Relic & RD-W
Custom guitars at affordable prices. Very affordable prices....

Larrivée SD-60SBT & 000-50
A pair of high-end acoustics; a vintage-style 000 and a gorgeous 12-fret slope dreadnought

Tanglewood TSM-3, TSR-1 & Sanden VRB TT
A new range of Masterdesign acoustics from Swedish luthier Michael Sanden

Matchless King Cobra
The perfect amp with which to play scales, cobra together a few licks and get fangs started

Blackheart Engineering BH5H Little Giant Head
Proving big isn't necessarily better; a tonesome all-tube five-watt head

SR Technology JAM
Turin luck; a new 70-watt acoustic amp hailing from Italy

Damage Control Glass Nexus & Time Line
A pair of sonically excellent valve-driven multi-effects pedals

Denis Cornell The 1st Fuzz, T&M Boost & Overdrive Special
The lauded amp guru's fledgling foray into the world of stompboxes

Ibanez SR300 & SR705
The long-standing SR ranges gets a couple of four- and five-string additions

Portable stereo recorder round-up
Tascam DR-1, Yamaha Pocketrack 2G, Edirol R-09HR and M-Audio Microtrack II on test

Learn to play
Metallica Style File
Martin Taylor guest lesson
Blues Headlines: Three-Thirty Five Blues
Blues To Jazz: Beyond The Pentatonic
Rock Licks: Mike McCready
Rhythm Riffs: Chordal Arpeggios

On video
Advanced Rock with Christophe Godin Pt I
Acoustic Blues with Eric Bibb Pt III

On the CD
Video demos, audio demos, video lessons and more

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