Serious Sample creation

Every month

Future Music

commissions exclusive samples to go on the DVD. This content is hand-made by two very dedicated producers who will quite literally go to any extent to make interesting and unique sounds each month.

In order to grasp just what we mean, we suggest you head over to the

Groove Criminals blog

to get four awesome installments detailing the creation of this months samples that include standing in rivers, building instruments and as you can see above, some serious bouncing.

It's well worth bookmarking the

Groove Criminals blog

as there is always plenty of inspiration to be had as well as getting you hands on some extra free samples.

Mic Madness 01 - Hydraphone

Mic Madness 02 - Thunderwonderverb

Mic Madness 03 - Shaker boxes

Mic Madness 04 - The rest