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And it's black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...

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PLUS: FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER the digital edition of this issue comes complete with the ENTIRE set of samples that come on the DVD with the physical mag. So feel free to buy on Apple Newsstand or Zinio and follow the instructions on page 7 to download all the samples!

Working faster than the speed of thought is a necessity for producers today and relying on quality sources of new sounds - be it through great sample libraries, or through the acquisition of new gear - is similarly essential. But with 'the recipes for success' becoming ever more defined the temptation to lean a little too hard on third parties and go with the flow is increasingly problematic. Fact is, if you really want to define a sound that really is all your own then you're going to have to make your own sounds.

Making your own samples is an instant route to originality and, rather than grapple with a manual in pursuit of the perfect sound, that amazing new kick drum could be just a swift kick to a cardboard box away.

This month is our Sample Special. Not only have we got our sample experts to dish the tips in the mag (on page 20) but we've also captured their tricks on video for our DVD. Plus help yourself to our biggest sample collection ever. There's an incredible 5239 samples with this issue and all are available via our exciting new online Vault. Check out page 6 for full details of how to download them.

Just space left to thank D'n'B master Nu:Tone for his great feature and video (page 32) and give massive respect to legend Dave Tipper (page 46) and the red hot Calvin Harris (page 58). What an issue! And want a sneak peek at Nu:Tone's video? Check it out below. Remember, the full version is only available with the DVD with issue 249 of Future Music magazine.

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