Caution: Extreme Recording - FM record in hot air balloon

If you're a Future Music subscriber (if not, why not?) the chances are you received issue 200 of Future Music through your 'box this morning. Yes. Issue 200. Already. Expect more 200-related postage to follow on the blog very shortly but for now - as promised in our fabulous 'We Are 200' feature within Future Music 200 - here's a video reposting of one of our highest highs. Quite literally.

Back in issue 177 we took a whole band up in a hot air balloon and recorded a track. No, really. It was Guinness certified and everything. We held the world record for 'highest altitude for a musical recording' and 'highest gig' - we sold two tickets, y'see. We'd still hold them today if Jamiroquai hadn't got wind of it via their sponsors Focusrite and recorded a track on a private jet.

Which - let's face it - is clearly cheating.

Anyway, watch the above video for the full 20-minute movie of the event. Just in case you don't believe us.