Roland UK announce Cakewalk demo tour

Roland UK have announced their 2010 UK Cakewalk demo tour, taking place across this fair isle from October to December. Attendees will witness Sonar specialist Luke Edwards putting Cakewalk's powerful PC DAW and associated hardware through their paces, and all for an entry fee of nothing, zip, nada. Here are the dates and venues:

October 14: Red Dog Music, Edinburgh (0131 229 8211)
October 16: PMT, Salford (0161 877 6262)
October 23: PMT, Birmingham (0121 359 5003)
November 6: PMT, Leeds (0113 242 6601)
November 13: GG Digital, Glasgow (0141 552 3402)
November 20: PMT, Norwich (01603 666891)
December 4: Nevada Music, Portsmouth (0239 231 3090)
December 11: Dawsons, Reading (0118 958 1321)

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