Live LE - top music software for a song

Billed by Ableton as "Live's little brother", Live LE is a cut-down version of Live that retails for a budget busting €129, or £109 / €169 for the boxed version which includes sampled instruments by SONiVOX, loops and construction kits by Puremagnetik, a printed reference manual (in English, Spanish, French, German or Japanese) and Ableton stickers!

Though the stickers will be a powerful incentive for many, there's a catch; Live LE will only let you use eight of the built-in instruments and twelve of the built-in effects at once, and you´re also limited to two VST effects and two VST instruments. You can check out the full comparison chart here.

You can of course manually bounce down your instrument and effects tracks as a workaround (individual track freezing / rendering is disabled), but is this limitation a step too far, or fair enough seeing as you're getting what's still an amazing bit of software at a bargain price?