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Free with next month’s Computer Music (CM111) – ZebraCM!

Here at Computer Music we pride ourselves on getting you the very best software for free, but the new addition to the CM Studio has astounded even us with its incredible feature set and sound.

From u-he, the developer behind Zebra 2, ZebraCM is the most amazing CM synth yet. Combining features from both Zebra and Zebra 2, its flexibility and sound quality easily rivals top commercial synths. Check out these audio demos for proof:

ZebraCM Arp 1 (opens in new tab)

ZebraCM Arp 2 (opens in new tab)

ZebraCM Brass Pad (opens in new tab)

ZebraCM Electro Riff (opens in new tab)

Yup, it's a beauty and no mistake, so be sure to pick up Computer Music issue 111 - it's the only way you'll get your hands on this fantastic virtual instrument for PC and Mac!