FREE VST/AU preamp plugin: 6X-500 CM

To celebrate our special Virtual Vintage issue of Computer Music, Swedish audio experts Lindell Audio have kindly handcrafted a bespoke VST/AU plugin just for you: 6X-500 CM.This flavoursome, cross-platform preamp and tone-shaping plugin is a faithful emulation of the company's hardware 6X-500, featuring a gorgeous Pultec-style low shelf boost and high bell boost for broad, musical enhancement.

6X-500 CM provides a broad palette of warmth and tone-shaping flavours thanks to its input-dependent warming and drive capabilities: there's bypassable solid-state transformer preamp circuitry for heating up your sounds, spanning gentle warmth and subtle non-linearities to biting saturation, screaming overdrive and everything in between. It's ideal for adding musical sweetening or vibe-laden analogue warmth to sterile signals - no matter what style of music you make. Check out our video tutorial to see it in action, and get the plugin with Compute Music issue 218.

Features and uses:

  • Flavoursome preamp and tone-shaping tool
  • Gorgeous Pultec-style low shelf boost and high bell boost for musical enhancement
  • Bypassable solid-state transformer preamp circuitry
  • Perfect for subtle harmonic sweetening, analogue-style warmth, screaming overdrive, and more
  • Polarity invert switch
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST

How to get 6X-500 CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 218 (CM218) and you can download 6X-500 CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

If you're sold on 6X-500 CM's broad palette of clean and dirty flavours, do yourself a favour and investigate Lindell Audio's other impressive plugins, based on their hardware counterparts. TheirChannelX plugin (scoring a cool 8/10 in CM217) is a software channel strip that comprises three separate modules: the full 6X-500, which features additional high- and low-pass filters plus Gain and Output link; PEX-500, a modern Pultec emulation; 7X-500, a tasty FET compressor. Each retails separately at $99, or you can grab the lot in the ChannelX package for $249. Head to Lindell Audio's website for more.

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