E-MU release open source USB interface Windows Driver SDK and a wireless audio transmitter / receiver

In a rather unusual move, E-MU has released the Windows drivers for its 0202USB, 0404USB, and TrackerPre audio interface as open source. You can download the SDK from SourceForge. The software will be released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3) which enables developers to commercially redistribute products derived from the code. The Software Developer Kit includes the E-MU USB 2.0 driver interface specification and necessary source code for adding new features, enhancing performance, or porting to other Operating Systems.

In other E-MU news, the company is also releasing a wireless transmitter and receiver system called PIPEline. Billed as a High-quality, low latency, stereo Wi-Fi system for musicians, the device purportedly allows users to beam audio around with no loss of quality and a minimal delay of 5.5ms. Quite whether this “won´t interfere with the feel of the music” as E-MU would have us believe is open to debate, but it's an intriguing prospect nonetheless. More details are available on the E-MU website.