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• Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE

Your free software this month is an incredible amp and effects suite for Mac and PC, in plug-in and standalone formats! Enjoy amp emulations of the Marshall JCM800, Fender Twin Reverb and Ampeg VT-40, along with 12 speaker cabinets, 12 effects, and more!

• 2207 samples

Make your own cathedral of sound with the exclusive CM Nu-gaze Collection. Shimmering, ethereal vocals, cavernous guitars, haunting pianos and much more are all here.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Pressure Drop

CM heads down Brighton to visit the studio of King Chubby J, also known as Pressure Drop's Justin Langlands. In this exclusive video, the man hmself shows us how he created the dub and world music-influenced beats of his latest production project, Black Canvas'




• Make a track in Reason

We show you how to create a complete nu-skool funky house tune in Propellerhead's powerful, flexible and ever-popular virtual studio. Topics covered include slicing loops in ReCycle, working with grooves, incorporating speech synthesis, arrangement and mastering, and there's a bumper selection of mixing tips too.

• Propellerhead Record preview

We get hands-on with the beta version of Reason's sibling, Record, to give our early impressions of what is sure to be the biggest music software release of 2009.

• Jon Hopkins interviewed

Armed only with an old laptop and ancient software, Jon Hopkins has climbed the ranks to become one of the hottest producers around. In the CM interview, he talks about his work with Brian Eno and Coldplay and his mastery of old versions of Cubase and Sound Forge.

• Beat mapping in Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Cubase

We unravel the often complex process of aligning your audio beats in order to lock down a live drum recording in a range of DAWs

• Reviewed!



• Cakewalk Sonar Studio

V-Studio 700


Minimoog V 2.0



• Submersible Music

DrumCore 3

• Blue Cat Audio

Dynamics 3.0

• Stanton

SCS.1m & SCS.1d

• Devine Machine


• …and more


• CM Focus: Programming glitch electronica like the pros

• Guitar Lab: Peavey's ReValver is the last stop on our amp sim tour

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida gets beatboxing effects using sample-and-hold

• Off The Dial: rachMiel contemplates the use of wabi-sab in music

• The Easy Guide: More modal manouevres in our ongoing music theory series

• The Burning Question: Is hardware still relevant?

• And much more!

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