A Garage made in heaven?

Apple has unveiled iLife 08, which includes the latest version of its easy to use music production software GarageBand. With new features designed to appeal to both beginners and more experienced producers, GarageBand 08 will come as standard on new Macs or as part of the £55 iLife 08 software package.

One of the most interesting new features, for beginners at least, is the Magic GarageBand mode, where even the most techno-phobic and musically inept user can make a track by picking a music genre, then assigning instruments and playing styles to a band of virtual musicians. GarageBand will then automatically create a project which can be worked into something more individual, or simply used as a backing track to jam along to.

More advanced users will be delighted to hear that GarageBand now included parameter automation, features the ability to record multiple takes, and has improved arrangement editing that allows a project to be divided into sections. The program also now boasts a visual EQ that should make getting the pro sound a little easier.

GarageBand 08 looks like a significant improvement over previous versions, but with all this easy to use music production software appearing we can´t help but wonder whatever happened to good old elitism? Should music software really be this easy to use - after all, isn´t there enough crap music in the world already? On the other hand, perhaps this will encourage all those MacBook-totting street kids to stay at home practicing their audio processing skills, making the world a safer place. What do you think?

Check out these pics to see what GarageBand 08 has in store - click to enlarge.