5 Recession Busting Software Packages!

With food, fuel and other living costs soaring, who has got the cash to fork out for overpriced music software? Here is CM´s guide top five great bits of music software that won´t leave you penniless, along with their equivalent value in supermarket goodies to put things in perspective…

Vapour ($29)


This lush chorus effect uses diffusion, usually only found in high end studio chorus effects, to add shimmer to your sounds.

Supermarket alternative:

10 x 12 Birdseye Omega 3 fish fingers from Morrisons.

Reaper 2 ($50 non-commercial license)


This superb PC and Mac DAW boasts flexible audio routing, a comprehensive FX suite, and a 64-bit audio engine - all for around £25!

Supermarket alternative:

World Wine Tour Mixed Case from Tesco.

energyXT2 (€49)


Modular routing, REX2 support and light system usage - what´s not to like about this great PC sequencer?

Supermarket alternative:

2kg British Beef sirloin steak, hand cut from Waitrose.

Oligarc ($40 non-commercial license)


Filter, phaser, drive, chorus, brickwall limiter - Oligarc has a wide range of bread and butter effects for a bargain price.

Supermarket alternative:

2x 48 Whiskas Pouches “Fishermans Choice” in jelly from Asda.

Cubase Essential 4 (£119)


The cheapest version of Cubase might cost over a tonne, but it's got nearly all the capabilities of its expensive big brothers.

Supermarket alternative:

119 x 6 Muller Vitality yoghurt drink from Lidl.