Free music software round-up: Week 93

New and updated stuff for download

MusicRadar celebrates its long-overdue return to the freeware realm with a slew of updates, plus a couple of plug-ins that are entirely new.

If you've got a new free music software release, make sure you let us know about it by emailing with all the details.

B Serrano Red Shift 3

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

Depending on how you set it up, this multi-effects plug-in can work as a pitch shifter, delay, phaser or chorus. Its developer says that it's good for both subtle and smashed up sounds. New to this version are separate settings for the left and right channels and an XY pad for pitch shifting the left and right channels.

Ugo Audio Rez 3

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

This 'mean little monosynth' has been updated to version 3. It's said to be capable of producing a wide range of sounds and features a "highly resonant" filter, distortion, a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and a programmable arp/step sequencer. Three preset banks can be purchased separately.

Benjamin 'BeRo' Rosseaux Picatune 2

Platform/format: PC Download

We'll be honest: we're not completely sure how this synth/sequencer hybrid actually works. However, we do know that it features many different oscillator waveforms and filters and is modulator operator-based. If that sounds like an attractive combination, dive in and investigate.

Texture 3.0

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

Developed by Giorgio Nottoli, Michelangelo Nottoli, Giovanni Costantini, Andrea Angelini and Massimiliano Todisco, this is a granular synth. It generates a grains flow - the way that each grain follows the other depends on probabilistic parameters. Noisy fragmented sounds, metallic and tuneless tones and harmonic sounds are all said to fall within its remit.

Artican The Function and The Pilgrim

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

A couple of simple-looking effects devices: The Function is an automatable stereo balancer (left and right channels can be panned, levelled and phase inverted individually); and The Pilgrim blends high- and low-pass filters into one dial, allowing you to sweep between the two of them.