Free music software round-up: Week 7

The best of the new stuff from around the net

TAL Elek7ro
TAL-Elek7ro: it's time to take another free virtual analogue for a spin.

As we enter the final third of April, your bank balance may be starting to look dangerously low. However, there's no need to put off upgrading your studio until pay day, as MusicRadar has five more free software treats for you.

It's the usual mix of instruments and effects this week – including the now obligatory entry from Knobster – and, after a Windows-fest last time out, we're pleased to report that there's something for Mac users to get their downloading teeth into, too.

Knobster Keywriter

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

Knobster has plenty of previous form when it comes to 'zany' plug-ins – consider the Meowsynth and the Plastic Piano as evidence – and the company's latest release continues the quirky theme. It emulates a German typewriter so, while not exactly tuneful, could do the business if you want to create non-standard-sounding rhythms or special effects.

Togu Audio Line TAL-Elek7ro

Platform/format: PC/Mac VST/Audio Units Download

OK, it's another virtual analogue synth, but before you tune out, bear in mind that this one comes from Togu Audio Line, the company responsible for the rather excellent TAL-BassLine. Togu reckons that the TAL-Elek7ro is its most powerful synth yet – it's said to be suitable for everything from percussion to deep bass sounds – so it's got to be worth a few moments of your time.

De La Mancha D2 Compressor

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

De La Mancha has a couple of commercial compressors in the shape of sidearm and bathtub, and the D2 is said to feature the same algorithms. This freeware offering keeps the interface simple, though - there are just a few standard controls, so you'll be able to dial in your favourites settings and start using it right away.

Nick Crow 7170 Lead

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

Yet another guitar amp sim has landed on planet plug-in, but because it's free, you've got no reason not to at least try it. The 7170 Lead emulates a tube model and comes with just Drive, Low, Mid, Sweep, High, Pow Amp and Output controls, so guitarists coming from hardware will be in their element.

AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone/Fuzz-Stone[Ge]

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

More gratis guitar goodness – both Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] are now at version 2.0. These updated distortion pedals feature new user interfaces and voice management systems, while compatibility with certain hosts has been improved and there's now lower CPU usage but better performance. Sounds like a good deal to us.