Free music software round-up: Week 113

Synths and effects

We hope you managed to pick up your free copy of Arturia's Minimoog V synth last week, but if that hasn't quenched your thirst for non chargeable music making software, read on.

If you've got a new free music software release, make sure you let us know about it by emailing with all the details.

Wok Bassimo

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

Released last week to coincide with World Music Day, this 'easy analogue synth' has a standard virtual analogue design and can be used for both bass and lead sounds. You can turn the volume knob up to 11 for some extra dirt.


Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

Not just another EQ, we're told, but one that sounds unlike any other. The five bands of super-parametric peaking filters are responsible for this uniqueness, apparently - you have one more parameter on top of the standard gain/width/frequency to influence the curve shape.

Syncersoft Bass Landscapes

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

Previously featured in one of our paid plug-in round-ups, this bass boosting plug-in can now be yours for nothing. You can use the low-mid boost to help sit your bass or kickdrum in the mix and turn on tube emulation for a vintage feel.

HG Fortune Altair-4 B and X-WoF 4

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

HG Fortune has made a couple of its instruments free. Altair-4 B Pro is a slightly reworked version of the Altair-4 sci-fi sounds lab, while X-Wof 4 Pro is an 8-part algorithmic music system.

Whitebox NewModelOscillator

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

An FM synth that sports four oscillators (one carrier wave and three modulator waves), each of which has seven waveforms. There's a reverb unit, plus a "massively tweakable" multitap delay.