Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX

Will this EZdrummer expansion pack shake you all night long?

EZdrummer is great – we wouldn't have rated it so highly if it wasn't – but it only comes with a couple of kits. Fortunately, Toontrack are now providing more with their EZX expansion packs.

Despite what its name might lead you to suspect, the Vintage Rock Kit is suitable for use in a wide range of musical styles (classic soul and funk aficionados will love it).

It features recordings of a Ludwig Keystone kit and sounds sublime. Variations for each kit piece are also provided, and when you factor in the selection of classy MIDI files that comes included, this becomes a very attractive add-on indeed.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

A versatile package that's not just for rock. Individual kit pieces and MIDI files add value.


Not a lot.


The ideal way to extend your EZdrummer enjoyment.



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