Sinevibes Deep

Sinevibes' latest effort, Deep, is a filter plug-in that features a fixed mode 48dB low-pass filter combined with a step sequencer, designed with the easy creation of dynamic filter effects in mind.

The step sequencer is split into two sections: a filter modulation pattern that's used to control the overall level of the filter cutoff frequency, and an envelope matrix with six available envelope shapes that control the movement for each envelope step. The sequencer length can be set to anywhere from one to 32 steps, though it's not available via automation - you'll have to use the interface.

There are several parameters that can be automated, however, including an overall filter cutoff frequency, bipolar modulation depth amount, envelope smoothness, envelope time, sequencer swing, and sequencer rate.

Deep sounds great and is easy to use despite a lack of information on the interface - just a quick peek at the manual before you get going and you're set. The lack of different filter modes is a shame as it would have made the plug-in much more interesting, but its budget price makes it a solid buy.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Excellent sounds and easy to use.


Lacks different filter modes.


As with other Sinevibes plug-ins, the no-frills approach is a breath of fresh air.

OS Requirements

Apple Mac OS X 10.5 or later



Plug-in FX Type


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