SSL Mynx is X-Rack chassis

Desktop box can hold two modules

SSL Mynx
The Mynx can host one or two X-Rack modules.

We got quite excited when we saw the picture of Solid State Logic’s new Mynx – at first glance, it looked like it might be a self-contained processing system for computer users. However, it turns out that it’s simply a chassis that can host a pair of SSL’s X-Rack modules.

These modules are based on the same circuit design as SSL’s Duality and AWS 900+ consoles and promise to deliver the company’s SuperAnalogue sound. Eight are currently available, and the Mynx enables you to combine two of them.

The Mynx itself is priced at 595/£294, but each of the X-Rack modules costs considerably more. This being the case, the most affordable way for computer-based producers to get their hands on genuine SSL processing is to buy the Duende Mini, though of course, this is a software-rather than hardware-based system.

More details on the SSL website.