Free gating plug-ins from de la Mancha

Developer updates pfilter and gator

Image 1 of 2 de la Mancha pfilter
pfilter's gating is based on a filter.
Image 2 of 2 de la Mancha gator
gator comes with its own step sequencer

de la Mancha has released version 2.0 updates of its pfilter and gator plug-ins. Although these produce slightly different effects, there are similarities between them, not least of which is the fact that they’re both free.

pfilter gives you a steppy, gated effect that uses filter cutoff rather than volume to give you more possibilities. It has a variable state filter and an LFO to modulate this.

gator, meanwhile, is designed to produce a random gating effect. It works by triggering volume between two adjustable values.

Both plug-ins feature a tempo-synced 2-32 step sequencer that can be programmed or left to work randomly.

pfilter and gator can be downloaded now and run as VST effects in Windows. Give ‘em a try, we say – they’re available on the de la Mancha website