CME U-Key keyboard now available in pink

For "female customers" only. Oh really…?

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Yep, it's pink
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CME's U-Key Mobiletone keyboards have been doing the rounds in a non-offensive white or blue finish for a couple of years. Now, they're available in pink, for "female customers", of course…

The U-Key is a USB-powered, MIDI-ready controller featuring 49 semi-weighted keys and 20 user-defined controllers including a joystick, trigger pads and an encoder for data-entry. CME's press release reads: "whether she is a professional keyboard player or a music fan, the pink U-key fits all her needs and the distinguished colour will make [help] her be [get] noticed."

It's a bit of a presumption on CME's part to presume only lady-rockstars would take an interest. Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg sported a pink Peavey signature guitar for years. And there can be no mistaking the manliness of his rockstardomness…