Can you tell the difference between an analogue and digital Juno synth?

Listen to the clips and put your neck on the line

Roland Juno 106
Roland's Juno-106 is a classic, but can you really hear the difference between its sound and that of a digital emulation?

The 'analogue vs digital' synth debate is one that rages as hard today as it ever has, with some insisting that the former simply sound better, but others happy to go with virtual analogue solutions.

Can you tell the difference, though? F9 Audio is challenging you to listen to a set of audio clips - some recorded with a real analogue JP edition Roland Juno-106, and others using the digital Roland JU-06 Boutique synth.

Take a listen below and leave your comments on the relevant SoundCloud clips. We're guessing that the answers will be revealed in due course.

soundcloud :
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