Vote for 2008's most innovative gear - and win £500 of gear!

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Image 1 of 2 Novation Nocturn
Novation Nocturn
Image 2 of 2 Vox Virage DC
Vox Virage DC

This vote is now closed. Thanks everyone for voting and entering the competition.

The MIA holds its awards ceremony on 14 October. On this date, MusicRadar will announce the winner of the 2008 Innovation Award (sponsored by MusicRadar) and the name of the winning voter.

The products you have been voting on are:

- AQ Interactive Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS
- Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II
- Gretsch Black Widow Catalina Club Mini Mod Shell Pack Drum Set
- Melodyne Direct Note Access
- Moog Guitar
- Novation Nocturn
- Roland TD-9 electronic drum kit
- Vox Virage
- Yamaha Tenori-on

Plus, a randomly-chosen MusicRadar voter will win the prize products below, generously donated by the Awards co-sponsor Dolphin Music.

Ableton Live 7 Sequencing/recording software
Novation Nio 2 I 4 Audio Interface
KRK RP5 G2s active studio monitors (a pair)

Thanks everyone. Look out for results on 14 October.