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We celebrate the ES-335's 50th Anniversary
The history, the players, and how to buy an old and new example of Gibson's rock 'n' roll warhorse: the 335. PLUS The Gibson 2008 '58 ES-335 Anniversary model reviewed inside

Kaki King
Todd Rundgren
Taj Mahal
Simon McBride
Boz Boorer

The best gear first
Gibson 2008 '58 ES-335
We get our hands on the ultimate 335. Don't miss an exclusive video demo and some alternatives to beg, borrow or steal

Two brand new US electrics that offer something old and something new

Custom guitars at affordable prices. Very affordable prices....

A pair of high-end acoustics; a vintage-style 000 and a gorgeous 12-fret slope dreadnought

A new range of Masterdesign acoustics from Swedish luthier Michael Sanden

Matchless King Cobra
The perfect amp with which to play scales, cobra together a few licks and get fangs started

Blackheart Engineering BH5H Little Giant Head
Proving big isn't necessarily better; a tonesome all-tube five-watt head

SR Technology JAM
Turin luck; a new 70-watt acoustic amp hailing from Italy

A pair of sonically excellent valve-driven multi-effects pedals

The lauded amp guru's fledgling foray into the world of stompboxes

The long-standing SR ranges gets a couple of four- and five-string additions

Portable stereo recorder round-up
Tascam DR-1, Yamaha Pocketrack 2G, Edirol R-09HR and M-Audio Microtrack II on test

Learn to play
Metallica Style File
Martin Taylor guest lesson
Blues Headlines: Three-Thirty Five Blues
Blues To Jazz: Beyond The Pentatonic
Rock Licks: Mike McCready
Rhythm Riffs: Chordal Arpeggios

On video
Advanced Rock with Christophe Godin Pt I
Acoustic Blues with Eric Bibb Pt III

On the CD
Video demos, audio demos, video lessons and more

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