Computer Music 143 – Propellerhead Record & Logic Pro 9

Get the cover image for your desktop here.

Get the cover image for your desktop here.

• Propellerhead Record guide featuring Jon Carter
With the help of superstar DJ Jon Carter's new band, Roosevelt High, we put together a complete track in Propellerhead Software's hotly-anticipated recording app Record! From setup to recording, mixing and mastering, it's all explained in crystal clear detail in our step-by-step tutorial.


• 1121 Loopmasters samples
Over 1GB of amazing sounds from one of the best sample library producers and distributors in the business: Loopmasters. You'll find loops and hits selected from 52 libraries created by such top-flight sample producers as Mutekki Media, Goldbaby, Wave Alchemy, and, of course, Loopmaster themselves, who've dipped into their Artist Series to give you sounds from the likes of Jody Wisternoff, Danny Byrd and The Nextmen

• 2000 24-bit FX samples
This month's exclusive CM samples are all about FX – you'll find Foley room work, vocal treatments, abstract soundscapes and more

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: John "00" Fleming
This hugely respected veteran of the UK dance scene reveals tip after tip in an exclusive video masterclass. Watch and learn as he takes us through the making of his trance remake of Jean Michel Jarre's 70s synth classic Oxygene part IV!


• Logic Pro 9 reviewed
The fantastically feature-stuffed new version of Logic Pro is subjected to the scrutiny of a CM review - can it hold on to its status as the most well-rounded DAW on the market?

• Massive Attack
What are transients and how can they be controlled to improve your mixes? Our guide explains all – you'll have punchier sounds in no time!

• Focus on Dubstep
Urban beats and basslines explored in our guide to making a heavyweight dubstep floor-wobbler

• Fightstar interviewed
The alternative rock four-piece discuss their move from record labels to self-releasing, plus their DIY approach to making music.

• Reviewed!
Propellerhead Record • Apple Logic Pro 9 • Avid Sibelius 6 • FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad • XILS-lab XILS 3 • Intelligent Devices Marshall Time Modulator • D16 Group Nithonat • Lexicon Ionix U22 …and more

• Building beats in FL Studio and SliceX: Get bigger, badder, better beats
• Payback Time: How the PRS For Music group can you help you claim what's rightfully yours
• Guitar Lab: Generate creative guitar sounds using echo effects
• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida goes beyond squelching TB-303 sounds
• Off The Dial: rachMiel experiments with musical gravity
• The Easy Guide: The melodic minor scale is under the spotlight this time
• The Burning Question: Is the MIDI keyboard outdated?
• And much more!

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