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How to play intervals with Maschine

Native Instruments' Maschine is often thought of as a beat-making device, but it's not just there for the rhythmic things in life.

The video tutorial above comes from a brand new online course from Producertech: The Producer's Guide To Music Theory with Maschine. This teaches the principles of music theory to dance music producers and costs £19.95.

The excerpt is from the third lesson, which shows how intervals are created in a particular scale and the way that this allows riffs and musical phrases to be made. The lessons before this taught the major and minor scales and then how to create numerous different basslines in a minor key. The lessons after this cover chord types/inversions and chord progressions, with various examples of how different musical accompaniments can be created, both for the main groove sections and breakdowns of a track.

As well as the streamed lessons, the course comes with written notes and a series of practice sessions with written answers so that you can try out the different techniques shown on the course.