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Weekend riff: Foo Fighters - The Feast And The Famine

Just three simple chord shapes form this easy guitar riff from Dave Grohl and co

Dave Grohl opens the song with this unsettling guitar motif, which includes jarring open-string notes as he moves the phrase across the fretboard. It is important to let each note ring out clearly, so keep your fret-hand thumb near the middle of the neck, rather than sitting over the top. This makes it easier to use your fingertips to hold down fretted notes and will keep the side of your fingers from muting the treble strings.

The notes jump across the strings fairly quickly, so use alternate picking to get the sequence up to speed. The fretboard position changes constantly, so try to look ahead to each next set of frets just before you make the transitions.

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'The Feast And The Famine'
© 2014 Foo Fighters

Tutor: Jamie Hunt
Videographer: Martin Holmes

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