How to play a two-hand tapping riff with our bite-sized guitar lesson

Whilst somewhat daunting to learn initially, there is a constant to help you visualise this riff; the fretting hand hammers out a powerchord shape for each new arpeggio shape (these are circled frets and notes) while the picking hand adds higher notes with the first finger (i, shown in the notation) and second finger (m, shown in the notation). Picking hand hammer-ons are shown as squared frets and notes.

Take it slowly, learning each group of four notes before moving onto the next four. Use a clean amp tone and watch out for unwanted string noise; either be diligent with your muting technique (using fingertip stubbing and under finger muting where possible) or get a string dampener accessory such as FretWraps.

To best follow the animated tab video select HD and full-screen mode.