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Ask MusicRadar: what's the one stompbox you can't live without?

Ask musicradar stompbox

Ask musicradar stompbox

Welcome to Ask MusicRadar, a section devoted entirely to you - the all-knowing, gear-buying, gear-playing and all-round gear-loving community. This week we're asking: what's the one stompbox you can't live without?

Just imagine you could only use one pedal for the rest of your life… what would you choose? Whether it's distortion, fuzz, overdrive, chorus, reverb, wah-wah, phaser or whatever - if it's an essential part of your music-making arsenal, we want to know.

What to do know

Get involved! Choose your favourite pedal (no multi-fx units please - let's save that for another question!) and share your suggestion (tell us the make and model), and reasons why, like this:

Once we've got all your nominations, we'll create a shortlist, a poll and finally your definitive list of essential stompboxes every player should own.