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Ask MusicRadar: what's the best low-powered tube amp head under £300?

Orange tiny terror

Orange tiny terror

It's not easy fitting amps into neat little groups. Valve vs solid state, power levels and sound options all matter for different reasons. So we're kicking off the guitar amplification section of Ask MusicRadar with: what's the best low-powered tube amp head under £300?

What to do now

Think 'tube': your chosen head must have valves in it (it doesn't have to be all-valve - what constitutes as all-valve is another day's can of worms). By 'low-powered' we're talking 15-watts or under. And it's heads only - no stacks or combos, if you please. Although if your favourite stack costs under £300, we're not going to complain.

If your chosen head ticks all the above boxes, double check the street price (no second hand prices, please), log in, and post your suggestion in the comments below. We'll post your definitive list in the coming weeks…