10 more quick tips for rehearsing drummers



Rehearsals still await... © ABM/Corbis

Following 10 quick tips for rehearsing drummers, here are 10 more: how to get the most out of the rehearsal once you're set up and ready to go (courtesy of the drumming experts at Rhythm Magazine).

10 quick tips: rehearsals (part 2)

1. Have a plan

Instinctively you might not want to organise rehearsal too strictly, but a plan of action is still a good idea.

2. Avoid noodling

Practising your instrument is something you do alone. Rehearsals are where you only make a noise together.

3. Take a break

Suggest the guitarist and singer go off for a half hour, while you and your bass player get your grooves sorted.

4. Turn it down

Can you groove at low volumes? Play it softly, get it tight, then turn up the volume and it will sound fantastic.



Try brushes... © Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis

5. Change your sticks

Try using brushes, Hot Rods or Blasticks for a change - give yourself and everyone else a (noise) break.

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6. Love your metronome

Once you've agreed a tempo make a note of it using some sort of electronic metronome or drum machine, etc. (Why? check out Drum basics video: why use a metronome?)

7. Take notes, avoid arguments

Keep a note of all tempos for the next rehearsal and cut down on needless arguments.

8. Hit record

By the end of the rehearsal you can completely forget something you played at the beginning: record everything.

9. Play it back

So you've recorded everything: when you listen back the next day it will all come flooding back…

10. Scrutinise

…and you'll immediately recognise the crappy bits that still need a bit of work.

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