10 kitbag essentials for drummers

Drummer's toolbox

Drummer's toolbox

A drummer's toolbox (NOTE: the hammer is a bit excessive) © Tetra Images/Corbis

Whether you're rehearsing, gigging, recording or simply rocking up for a jam, there are a few essential bits of kit no drummer should be without. Here are the top 10, courtesy of Rhythm Magazine

10 kitbag essentials

1. Turning keys

At least two turning keys, preferably more, secreted about your person and in stick bags, cymbal bags, gig bags etc. You could need it at any point to tune up, adjust your pedal, a memory lock on a stand...

2. Gaffer tape

A roll of Gaffer's tape - it truly has a thousand uses, many of them to do with music.

3. Spare heads

You'll need at least a snare batter and bass batter. Keep a spare head in each drum case.

Snare tuning

Snare tuning

4. Spare snare

If you can afford to have a spare, take an extra snare drum - on a stand and ready for action.

5. Dampeners

Head-damping materials - a tub of Moongel or a selection of 'O' rings will work. Cut the latter into quarter circles. If all else fails, head back to point number one on this list.

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6. A tool box

A small craft/tool box or the like containing: screwdrivers (flat and Phillips), pliers, tweezers, scissors, Allen keys, hammer etc.

Swiss army knife

Swiss army knife

"That ain't a knife..." © Tetra Images/Corbis

7. A Swiss Army Knife

Or if you want to be flash, the Roadie's friend - a Leatherman.

8. Felts, sleeves, nuts and springs

Cymbal felts and plastic sleeves, washers and wing nuts. Snare tie-cords or tapes. Bass drum spring and hi-hat clutch.

9. Or a spares kit

Many companies sell pre-packaged spares kits and some or all of the above. They're convenient and not usually too expensive.

10. Carpet

Essential. Buy a proprietary one or just get a cheap two-metre off-cut from your local carpet store. You will then be able to set up on almost any surface

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