TG187 On Sale Now, Jam With The Answer!

The latest issue of TG is now on stands featuring some seriously cool songs tabbed and an amazing feature with classic rockers The Answer showing you how to get the most of your band's jamming sessions.

Also in this month's issue, Lamb Of God bruisers Mark Morton and Willie Adler reveal their tone secrets on new album 'Wrath,' our experts show you how to train your ear to identify moods and techniques, and we show you how to transform yout one for less than £100!

Tracks tabbed this month include The Beatles classic strumalong Here Comes The Sun, Franz Ferdinand's dance anthem Take Me Out and, for the more seasoned player, Redneck by metal warriors Lamb Of God.

You can also learn to play the driving riff from U2's new single Get On Your Boots, five classic licks from The Rolling Stones and blues pounder Under The Sky by The Answer.

All are featured on your FREE accompanying CD - which includes an all-new, easier-to-use and navigate interface. Stick it in your stereo or computer, listen to the audio lessons and play along with the backing tracks!

We also show you how to land your first gig and beat the credit crunch in our industry-leading gear reviews section.

Along with our exclusive regular video lessons with shred guru Paul Gilbert, and a Beginner's Guide To Metal with Machine Head's Phil Demmel, AND advice on how to keep your axe in tip top shape in Ed's Shed, it makes a pretty tasty package for £4.99!

Get down your newsagent now!