Rock Bands Join Force To Demand More Power

More than 60 British artists, including Radiohead, Iron Maiden and The Verve, have joined forces to demand more control of their work and keep more of the money it generates.

The likes of Thom Yorke, Bruce Dickinson and Richard Ashcroft have formed the Featured Artists Coalition, a trade group they say will press for the rights of performing artists.

"It is time for artists to have a strong collective voice to stand up for their interests," stated Brian Message of Courtyard Management, which manages Radiohead and Kate Nash.

"The digital landscape is changing fast and new deals are being struck all the time, but all too often without reference to the people who actually make the music."

The organization has set itself three primary goals for its campaigning: artists should retain "ultimate ownership" of their music, agreements between artists and others should be made in a "fair and transparent manner" and copyright holders (i.e. record labels) must keep artists' interests in mind and must explain how any agreement could change the ways in which their creations are exploited.