Peter Buck's Guitar Stolen After REM Concert

First Adrian Smith's white Strat goes missing while on tour with Iron Maiden, then The Stooges had all their gear and van nicked, then Orange Amps had £50,000 of new amps half-inched.

Now REM's Peter Buck (left) has had the precious Rickenbacker he's been using since 1982 nabbed after a gig in Helsinki.

The band is now pleading for its return: "Needless to say, this instrument means a great deal to Peter and to REM. It is our sincere hope that whoever is responsible for the loss, or whoever has information which can help recover the guitar, will come forward to receive a generous reward, no questions asked."

It's just not on. So if one person is behind all these thefts can they damn well grow up and return the goods please? (Or give us a ring and we'll give you a really good price...)