Joe Bonamassa 'Dust Bowl' free download!

Joe bonamassa 'dust bowl' free download

Joe bonamassa 'dust bowl' free download

Image: © Christie Goodwin

Blues whizz, shiny suit connoisseur and all-round geetar guru, Joe Bonamassa, is giving away a free MP3 download of the title track from his new album 'Dust Bowl'.

All you need to do to procure said digital music is head to JoBo's official website and sign up to the bluesman's mailing list. Alternatively, the album was released on Monday (21 March), so you could just buy the whole thing yourself.

Stream Joe Bonamassa's 'Dust Bowl' below and then download it at

For a full review of 'Dust Bowl' check out Total Guitar issue 213 (on sale 18 March to 14 April).

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