Help TG pick the BEST GUITAR RIFFS of the decade!

A Noughties riff-master?
A Noughties riff-master? (Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Corbis)

Frankly, we're bored of wheeling out 'Smoke On The Water' and we think the time has come to find a new set of classic riffs... We want your help picking the top guitar riffs of the Noughties.

As we're sure you're aware by now, the TG staff have more than enough opinion to go around, so we'd like to hear what riffs are currently doing the job for you.

We're talking the kind that can raise the hairs on Hetfield's back - if it's post-2000 and you think it deserves a place in the annals of rock, let us know!

We're not just interested in the heavy stuff either. We know there's as much worth in the licks of indie stars Nick Zinner and Russel Lissack, or the Southern twangs of Kings Of Leon and whatever band Jack White's in at the moment. It's all valid.

We're leaving the form open so just head to the dedicated voting page and let us know the artist, the song the riff comes from and why it deserves to be in our Hot List, and we'll do the rest.

Matthew Parker

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