Got a question for Steel Panther's Satchel? Tell us and you could win some strings

Satchel: he can even shred a ukulele
Satchel: he can even shred a ukulele

Steel Panther's Satchel is our new king of hair metal shred and we've convinced him to share his valuable guitar wisdom with readers at this month's Download festival. Now we want your questions!

If you have a question for Satchel let us know on Facebook or e-mail.

You may want to ask him about his spectacular tiger strip custom Kramer, the highs and lows of life on the road and just where he gets the inspiration for his Sunset Striptastic riffs.

Finally, remember we're a guitar mag, so although we may slip in a few general ones, if you ask a question about their guitar playing or songwriting, you're more likely to get it answered.

If we pick your question, it will feature in a future issue of TG and you'll win a set of D'Addario guitar strings.

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