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Freebies: The Friday Free Download Round-Up

Some are weird as hell, some require email sign-ups, some your first-born, but they´re all free and they´ve all got guitars in and that´s the main thing. Maybe you´ll find something you like…

If You Only Pick One…

Japanese Voyeurs - Dumb

HOLY CRAP, what happened to these kids in school? Delightfully-demented grunge-revivalists Japanese Voyeurs sound like Hole should have.

Get The Rest…

Young Guns -Winter Kiss

Chunky guitars, echoing pianos and all round epicness (it´s a word!) from High Wycombe´s hottest new alt-rockers. Keep an eye out for a forthcoming Hot Band feature in TG.

Year Long Disaster - Show Me Your Teeth

YLD like to make scuzz-rock with a classic edge. Rolling, deep drums lay down solid foundations for guitarist/vocalist Daniel Davies to riff over.

Swanton Bombs - Calm Down

Got drums? Check. Got geetars? Check. Now make some bright and noisey art-rock that we can all throw ourselves around the living room to.

Thomas White - The Last Blast

White blends elements of ska, garage-rock and electro to create something that bares a marked aural resemblance to a haunted roller-coaster ride.

Tindersticks - Black Smoke

Here´s a bit of country/folk-tinged rock ‘n´ roll from Nottingham indie legends Tindersticks. They´ve got a lovely 'Stones-esque twanging lead guitar tone and some awesome percussion work on this one.

Lucky Soul - Coming Of Age

Sometimes you

just need a bit of bouncy, orchestral indie-pop to flounce about the garden to like a fatter, hairier Kate Bush.