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Free Track Fridays: The Week’s Best Free MP3 Downloads

Some require email sign-ups, some your first-born, but they´re all free and they´ve all got guitars in. Maybe you´ll find something you like…

If You Only Pick One…

Fanfarlo - The
College Radio EP

If you only pick one… pick three! The very talented Fanfarlo are giving away a free EP of a college radio session they recorded on their last US tour. One for fans of the Arcade Fire and brilliant song-writing.

Get The Rest…

Fun - At Least I´m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)

“Have you ever wondered about our old nu-metal friends/ And what happened to them” is pretty much the greatest opening line of any song ever. Especially for an afro-beat, folk-pop tune.

Dakota - Can´t Remember

A refreshingly emotive blast of 90s-style rock (think Placebo, Suede, Manic Street Preachers) that doesn´t fall into all the stereotypical traps that we´ve come to expect. Hold on for the chorus.

Ariel Pink´s Haunted Graffiti - Round And Round

Elvis Costello-esque vocals, eighties pop-funk guitars and synths. Something tells us these guys are fans of Roxy Music and that´s not necessarily a bad thing.

Subsource - Disarm

This is exactly the kind of great “is it/isn´t it?” dance-rock-rap song that´s likely to prove inflammatory on

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, but we like it, so there. If you hate Pendulum, you probably shouldn´t check this out…

The Daredevil Christoper Wright - The East Coast

(Right-click to download)

A very nice dose of twee weird-folk acoustic-ism from the brilliant-named Daredevil Christopher Wright. A full-length, ‘In Deference To A Broken Back´, is due 5 April.