YouTube orchestra prepare for Sydney Opera House show



We've heard stories of bands auditioning band members online, but a symphony orchestra? That's exactly what the snappily-named YouTube Symphony Orchestra has done.

Members of the orchestra were selected through YouTube auditions, with percussionist Fergus Brennan among those given the nod.

He said: "I'm delighted to be heading out to Sydney to play as part of YouTube's Symphony Orchestra. Playing at the Sydney Opera House to a global audience on YouTube really is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

More than 30 countries are represented across the group's 101 members and they're all heading to Australia for a performance at Sydney Opera House.

They met up earlier this week to begin a week of rehearsals and will tackle the landmark show on 20 March. The performance will be packed full of visual treats, such as the use of the venue's iconic sails as a back drop for a stunning light show.

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Rich Chamberlain

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