Vinnie Fiorello: Less Than Jake the McDonald's commercial a 'hardcore twist'

Less than jake

Less than jake

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Less Than Jake are back with a typically off-the-wall new project - an EP of their favourite commercial jingles. Drummer Vinnie Fiorello gave us an insight into how the record came together.

He explained: "Last time toured was last November and we wanted to slow down and focus on some other things. One of those things was doing some fun releases. The first of those is the TV EP, which is 16 TV theme songs and commercials from the '60s through to 2010.

"We all had our favourites and added to it. Collectively, we took some of our favourites. Some people did a little bit more research and went to some more obscure things to keep it interesting. It was cool, it was fun.

"Some of my favourites are Animaniacs, Scooby Doo, I like the Pacman cereal commercial that we did and I like the twist that we did on the McDonald's commercial. It's been given an early '80s hardcore twist."

TV EP is out now.

Rich Chamberlain

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