Video: Tommy Lee takes fan on rollercoaster drum solo



Way back in Rhythm 166, Tommy Lee exclusively told us that his dream was to put his kit on a giant rollercoaster, strap fans in and blast off on the world's most dangerous drum solo. Well, it seems he's finally got his wish. Sort of.

Back then Tommy said: "My dream and goal, and I will do it, is to build a rollercoaster that can pack up and travel from city to city. It will have all the workings of a rollercoaster, but I'll get rid of the car and replace it with a drum riser with two seats on the back. I'll run out into the audience, grab a couple of fans, strap them in and go!

Take a look at the video below to see Tommy's brand new Pearl set-up (and one strapped in fan) heading off on a ride above the stage at Mötley Crüe's show in Dallas last night.

Last year Tommy suggested to us that the drum rollercoaster dream was nearing, you can read that interview here.

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